Strength To Bring Forth

…Becoming the man of your dream.

Vision can become fruitless while destiny can become a mere wish and as an unfulfilled dream when a man has no strength to bring forth. It is the strength to bring forth that translates a wish into a dream and the latter to a fulfilled destiny. It is better not to have a wish than to have one without the strength to bring forth. What use is a conception without the strength to bring forth.

A pregnancy will end in a Caesarean Section if there be no strength to bring forth. Many ‘mothers’ and ‘babies’ have ended their journeys in that process. Because their lives were hanging on the experience, proficience and competence of the medical practitioners than on divine providence and natural pattern of conception and delivery.


Conception will become traumatic if one becomes aware before hand that it will end in C. S. and where there are no competent hands to execute it. It becomes a chance of 50-50. A destiny hanging on 50-50 chance has no sure security but is flaky. Strength to bring forth therefore is Grace i.e divinity enabling humanity to perform. Mortals endowed by the Immortal. The finite empowered by the Infinite. The natural helped by the supernatural to achieve the goal.

What a life! It can be frustrating when one lacks the strength but motivating when there is strength to bring forth.

The result of doing nothing is the reason for caesarean section. If you can but push there will be no reason for C. S. You have to push through in prayers. You must participate. As soon as Zion travail she brought forth.
Is there no balm in Gilead? why then is the bruise of the daughter of my people not healed? Jeremiah 8:22; 30-31


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