Life’s Considerations


There are lots of issues that demand our attention we need to give due considerations in life. In the same vein, there so many others that are inconsequential that we should not give attention to no matter how they may seem or appear. Self appraisal should not be neglected and should not be mistaken for pride or arrogance. We should be thankful for who we are and for who we are created to be. Love, admire and appreciate yourself! You are ‘you’ and cannot be ‘another’.


You can never be less than what you think of yourself. You may never achieve greater than where you place yourself. Watch your thought. Are you having a high self esteem or a low self esteem. God has written the script of your life. All you need to do is to “retrace” the script and you will see yourself fulfilling your purpose. Two people are mainly important in your life: God and you, the devil is inconsequential.


The weight you are carrying can slow down your pace in the journey of life. Why carry the burden of guilt or unforgiveness? It can become a clog in the wheel of your progress. Why carry the burden of worries? It can become an extra baggage in your life’s journey which will eventually hamper your pace in the journey. There are two people in life that need your forgiveness. They are you and others. Free yourself of guilt and others for whatever wrong they have done to you. That is the secret of happiness in life.


I am greater than I look. I am bigger than I seem. I am more outstanding than I appear.


I have a camera, Sony HD AVCHD DSC HX300, it was one of the gifts I received this year from a very dear person to me, it takes object from a very far distance and brings it so close to you; it has the capacity of 50x zoom. It can take a shot in the darkest of night and it will be as if it was taken in broad day light. It transforms scenes to its advantage.


Original Image Of Same Shot


Bright Image Of Same Shot

When object is hazy, it can fine tune it to clarity; when you take a shot in a low light scene or night scene, it takes it in duplicates: the original image as it seems and the brighter side of the shot. It does it automatically. You do not need to take it twice. You do so once but the camera gives you two or more shots at the same time with a single shutter release to make choices from. You can now decide which one of the shot to chose: the object as it looks originally or the clearer picture taken by the same camera at the same time with a single shutter release that viewed the image differently.

Life Choices

You can now see that the object though may be in a dark environment but the camera sees it in different ways: as dark as it seems and also as clear as it can be. You make the choice. The choice is yours to make not any one else. I am not talking of different shots; different times; or different cameras but one camera, same shot, same time and a single shutter release but it has a different view of the same object at the same time and moment.


Our view of life is our choice. We chose what we want to see and no one chooses for us. What we decide to see may not be different from what we will eventually become. What you chose to see, you will ultimately attract. “But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ”. 1 Corinthians 15:57 KJV.


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