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Global Helpers Alliance


GHA is an  NGO, an empowerment-based membership Scheme born out of passion to help the less privileged people. GHA vision is to help eradicate poverty in the society and empower people globally. This Organisation commenced full registrations in Nigeria in Feb 2016.   


GHA has multi-dimensional targets:

👉. Help to the less privileged (Orphans, Widows and Handicapped) 

👉. Give scholarship award and funds to partners in order to ensure quality education for partners children
👉. Give Assets and property acquisition support to partners 


Other financial benefits and incentives to partners are as follows;

(i) Free Hyundai  Jeep award
(ii) Free iPad or Laptop award
(iii) All-expense-paid International vacation
(iv) Yearly infinity bonus
(v) Passive income for life for partners 


Global Helpers Alliances scheme is for..

1. Ordinary people who are determined to succeed and achieve greatness
2. Employees, the self-employed, low-income earners, businessmen, unemployed graduates and unskilled labourers, who is determined to change their financial struggles for better
3. The retired but not tired, who still desire to make a difference
4. The rich that desire to obey scripture in touching lives and empowering the poor
5. Everyone who is tired of interests and bank loan, who are also willing to relocate from financial hardship to the world of financial freedom.


Global Helpers Alliances DOES NOT..

1. Involve Hawking or selling of products
2. Require educational qualification to become a partner
3. Require Monthly activities of active ness
4. Require Huge start-up capital or renewal fee
5. Require Monthly target of promotion or demotion
6. Involve Running up and down for fund to buy a position
7. Involve Borrowing money from banks to maintain position


Membership one-time donation of #1,000 ($5) to the organisation. With this donation, you will have an account with GHA and have full access to all of the benefits earlier mentioned.

GHA  also allows partner to open multiple accounts.  #3000 for 3 accounts, #7000 for 7 accounts, #15000 for 15 accounts, etc. Multiple accounts, multiple earnings.


Be our partner and be empowered to touch lives and make positive changes around you.

Join our Team NOW by visiting

Our team will give you all the necessary tools and support to grow your GHA business. For further details contact +2348035664961

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